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DAY 1: Europe - Tripoli - Benghazi  

Arrival at Tripoli Airport and welcome by your English speaking guide.
Flight from Tripoli to Benghazi.
Transfer to the hotel , dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 2: Benghazi - Ptolémaïs - Qasr Libya- Apollonia

After breakfast you leave for PTOLEMAÏS, one of the two ancient cities of Cyrenaïca.  Ptolémaïs and Apollonia were respectively the seaport towns of Barca and Cyrene, situated more in the interior of the country. The ruins of Ptolémaïs give you a good idea of the way of living in a Greek town during the Hellenistic period. This town, founded in the 7th century BC, owes its name to Ptolémée III.
After lunch, you visit QASR LIBYA. In its small museum you have a look at the mosaics coming from a small church. You continue your way to Apollonia.
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel El Manara  (4*) or similar.

DAY 3: Apollonia - Cyrene - Apollonia  

After breakfast, visit of CYRENE. Founded in the 7th century BC, this is one of the best examples of an ancient Greek town. The visit is a highlight of this tour, not only because of the beautiful surrounding landscape, but especially because of the original monuments. You can find here two big concentrations  of monuments: one in the southern part around the Market and another in the northern part, near the temple of Apollo.
Lunch during the visit.
In the afternoon visit of the site of APOLLONIA.  The town knew its first prosperity during the Hellenistic period and during the Roman Domination it enriched itself and became a popular, free town. The current excavations date from the Byzantine period.
Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

DAY 4: Apollonia - Al-Athrun - Ras Al-Hillal - Benghazi - Tripoli

After breakfast, visit of the small village AL-ATHRUN , situated near the sea. You visit the excavations of a small Byzantine church. You continue your way to RAS AL-HILLAL, were you visit another Byzantine church with a nice marble floor.
After lunch you return to Benghazi for your flight to Tripoli.
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel El  Kabir (4*), Bab Al Bhar (4*) or simular.

DAY 5: Tripoli - Qsar Al Hadj - Nalut - Ghadhames  

Early departure to the south of Tripolitania. You visit the most important Berber settlements in the  DJEBEL NAFUSSA: QSAR AL HADJ and NALUT where you discover the fortified granaries.
After your visit, you continue your way to GHADAMES, where you arrive around sunset.
Ghadames is also named ‘The pearl of the desert’.
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel Dar Ghadames (4*).

DAY 6: Ghadames

Today you have a walk in the beautiful desert town GHADAMES and get acquainted with the way of living in this oasis. The originality of its architecture and its beautiful decorated houses make that Ghadames  is classified by the UNESCO as world heritage.
Typical lunch in a traditional house in the Medina.
After lunch, free time. In the late afternoon you take the 4 x 4’s and drive to the dunes where you can taste the traditional green tea and in sand baked bread. You enjoy the beautiful sunset.
Dinner and overnight  stay in the hotel.


DAY 7: Ghadames - Kabaw - Gharyan -Tripoli  

Today you leave Ghadames and return to Tripoli. On your way back you visit the ruins and fortified granary of the old Berber settlement KABAW. In GHARYAN you visit the troglodytes and a market of potteries. You continue your way to Tripoli, where you arrive in the evening.
Dinner and overnight stay in hotel El Kabir (4*), Bab Al Bhar (4*) or similar.

DAY 8: Tripoli - Sabratha - Tripoli  

After breakfast you visit SABRATHA, 70 km to the west of Tripoli. These archaeological site, near the sea, is really a highlight of your visit. You discover a lot of Punic, Roman and Byzantine cultures. You will surely enjoy the Punic mausoleum, the Roman Forum, the temples, the basilica of Justinianus and of course the world famous theatre. In the small museum you can admire the beautiful mosaics and statues which were discovered in the town.
After lunch you return to Tripoli.
Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

DAY 9: Tripoli - Leptis Magna - Tripoli  

Today you visit LEPTIS MAGNA, the best preserved ancient Roman site of Africa and the whole region of the Mediterranean.  During the government of Septimus Severus, who was born in Leptis and who encouraged the development of this town, a lot of monumental buildings were raised. The beautiful conserved ruins give you a realistic idea of the luxury during that time. You start your visit beneath the beautiful arch of Septimus Severus. You can also admire the baths of Hadrianus, the Forum, the Basilica, the Market and Theatre.
Lunch in a local restaurant.
Return to Tripoli for dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

DAY 10: Tripoli  

Today you visit the capital of Libya. TRIPOLI , called OEA in antiquity, was founded by the Phoenicians around 500 BC. Tripoli is Libya’s single ancient city that has been continuously occupied since that time.
You start your visit in the Museum of Tripoli that houses one of the finest collections of classical art in the Mediterranean region.
Lunch in a typical restaurant in the town.
After lunch, you have a walk through the ancient village, the Medina, with its most important monument, the Arc of Marcus Aurelius. Visit of the Gurgi Mosque, the Algeria Square and Italian colonial part of the city with its arcades. Here you can enjoy a delicious tea with mint.
Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel.

DAY 11: Tripoli - Europe

Early departure to the airport to return to Europe.

Included in the program:

-  Visa fees
-  Hotel accommodation
-  Full board
- Transport with car or minibus / national flights
-  English speaking guide
-  Sites and museums entry fees

Not included in the program:

- International flight
- Drinks at lunch and dinner, (other than water)
- Personal expenses
- Tips local guide, drivers,…

This is a standard program and can be adapted all time.
Interested ? Please contact us and we will inform you as soon as possible.