Useful information

How to get your Visa?

After reservation, Echo Libya will inform you about all the details and necessary information to get your Visa.

Echo Libya goes through all formalities in Libya for all its clients to obtain (groups or individual travellers).


Libyan customs check on arrival takes not too much time and follows the normal procedure. Importation of alcohol, drugs and weapons are strictly forbidden.
It is strictly forbidden to export antiquities and fragments from the Saharan rock art of Southern Libya.

Best time to visit Libya:

Libya can be visited during the whole year , but the most pleasant time to go:

  • to visit the coast: from April to June and from the end of September until the end of November.
  • to visit the desert: from January until the end of May and from October until the end of November. In wintertime, it can be cold in the desert and some warm clothes are recommended during the night.


Despite its surface, Libya has only one time zone : GMT + 2 . Libya has no summertime.

Emergency numbers:

In case of emergency, all emergency services can be reached by the number 121.

Local tourist office:

Information about Libya, you can become at the tourist office in Tripoli:
Tel : +218 21 3603405 / +218 21 3604006
Fax : +218 21 3603400
Address : B.P. 207, Tripoli

Money and exchange rates (March 2012)

The local currency unit is the Libyan Dinar (D.L.) which is divided into 100 DIRHAM:
1 EUR = 1.66 D.L.
1 $ = 1.27 D.L.
1 £ = 1.99 D.L.
ATMs are most of the time out of order and Credit Cards are often not accepted, neither are Traveller Cheques.


Almost every town has a post office, always easily recognisable. Make sure that your address is correct and readable.


Libya’s telephone system has improved in recent years. Domestic calls are very easy and cheap. Also international calls are usually fast and rarely cost more than 1 D.L./min. Telephone calls from private telephone offices are more expensive and telephone calls from the hotel are very expensive.
Using Mobile phone is usually without any problems. Contact your personal provider to check the possibilities.

Closing days

All offices and business centres are closed on Friday except restaurants, internet café’s and some stores.